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If you home or office is starting to feel a little less clean than you would like, it may be time to do something about it. Not everyone has the kind of time they would like to devote to properly cleaning their home, their apartment or their office. That’s why they call the professionals to take care of it for them.

When you call us to do the cleaning for you, it’s not just about saving yourself some time. Our clients also prefer the thoroughness that we are able to provide. Using powerful cleaning tools and sophisticated technology, we make quick work of dirt, stains, mold and other inconveniences that make your environment look less than ideal.

How It Works

We start by getting you to schedule and book online. Our flat fee structure means you are never hit with any surprise charges. Once you book online, we will send you a confirmation email and you’re ready to go.

Telling us what kind of cleaning you need done in advance lets us know what cleaning tools to bring. We come equipped with everything necessary to thoroughly clean the interior and to make sure that you will be fully satisfied with the work we perform.

After we have assessed the interior in person, we may need to clear out some furniture or other large items to make room for a proper cleaning. Generally, you your family members or your employees cannot be in the same room we are cleaning. It will depend on the type of cleaning needing to be done and the extent of the cleaning to be performed.

We will work as fast as we can, but we also don’t take any shortcuts. Our team of cleaners are well trained, and they know how to do the job quickly and efficiently. We will be sure to cause as little inconvenience to you as possible. The cleaning can take a couple of hours or much longer depending on how large of an area you need cleaned and the condition it is in.

Finishing Up

Once we have completed our cleaning, we perform a walk through with you. We show you what you we did and make sure you are happy with everything. Sometimes we find something we may have missed or you notice something else that you would like cleaned that you didn’t notice at first, but we make every effort to get the job done to your satisfaction the first time.

Once you’re happy with the work we have done, we give you a detailed invoice for all the work completed. You can see in writing the work we have performed. We’ll answer any questions you may have and ensure that everything is to your liking.

If you require professional cleaning services, then contact us right now. We can make a difference that you can see.

When looking through our different services it’s smart to bear in mind that if you need an excellent house cleaning service in Dublin then we are the most respected service in the city and county. We set the highest standard to which other cleaning companies are measured against.

Our 200% guarantee means you are happiness and satisfaction are always assured and that every job is performed with the utmost care and attention.


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