What Makes Home Concierge The Best House Cleaners Dublin Has To Offer?

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Our High Wages Allows Us To Hire The Very Best Cleaners

There’s a lot of companies in Dublin and it can be a tricky choice when everyone’s claiming to be the best!

So who do you hire?

We’ve already given you some great reasons to hire us, but how about two more things that we really pride ourselves on.

Fair Wages For All Employees

We firmly believe in paying our cleaners fairly.

Home cleaning is a tough job and most people think that it’s unskilled labour. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t believe us, get someone with little or no experience to clean your home and then compare it with a professional team.

There’s no comparison.

Our Wage Policy

We pay a very high base hourly with extra pay for working evenings and weekends. We pay more for any extras that the customer orders and if all that wasn’t enough we also have performance related bonuses which can add up to an extra €120 a month on its own.

We pay our cleaners well firstly because it’s just the right thing to do but also because it allows us to get the best.

You Get What You Pay For

Other companies might be cheaper than us but you just can’t attract a good quality of cleaner if you don’t pay good wages. That’s just a solid fact. Don’t forget the old saying, “You get what you pay for!”.

We  also don’t hire people with little or no experience and no real interest in the job. Our cleaners are career cleaners and they genuinely love what they do. Even when not on the job they’re thinking of cleaning. They’ll pop over to a friend’s house on their day off and be thinking of different areas of the house that aren’t cleaned properly!

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For Every €100 You Spend With Us, €2 Goes To Helping Vulnerable Children

Support Of Charity

Another area of great pride for all of us at Home Concierge is our support of charity.

We give 2% of everything we make to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). So for a €200 cleaning we are giving €4 of that to them. It might not sound like much but trust me it adds up very quickly! So you can have your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh but also feel good about yourself that you helped support a cause that is helping vulnerable children here in Ireland.

That’s something we can all get behind.

Other Small Details

1) We offer live chat (It’s that blue bubble in the bottom right) and YES! there is a an actual live person on the other end. It’s not our robot helper Jeffrey that we built in the garage. Promise.

2) We operate our live chat, answer our phones and man the email battle stations from 8AM-8PM and all emails during that period are answered in 15 minutes, 99% of the time.

3) We’ll soon be allowing you to earn free home cleanings by referring us to your friends!

4) We offer you online booking and scheduling and 200% guarantee.

5) And of course don’t forget our new gift certificates.

This is why we believe we are the best apartment and house cleaning service on offer.


More Info

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