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Our New Bespoke Cleaning Service

Nowadays it seems like most companies are more interested in taking your money than offering you a world class service.

  • Our aim is to perform such an astounding job of cleaning your home that you can’t stop yourself talking about us to everyone who will listen!
  • We don’t just want you to be happy with our service, we want you to literally say, “Wow”.
  • We firmly believe that our superior attention to the minor details is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We are modernising home cleaning by introducing useful and time-saving innovations.

Here’s a quick rundown for you.

1) Online Booking And Scheduling – Being able to pay for and schedule your cleaning on our website means less hassle for you. No need to make a trip to the ATM just to pay us. Paying online also means you don’t even need to be at home when we come to clean, freeing up even more of your precious time. It makes it easier to set up recurring cleanings and make any last minute adjustments to your cleaning schedule without needing to contact us!

And in the incredibly rare case that you want a refund, we can easily do this for you with the click of one button and your money goes straight back into your bank account.

You can also give us special instructions which never get lost because they are saved to your account.

2) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We guarantee that we will clean your home even better than you normally would. If you’re not satisfied we’ll send another team to clean your home for free and if you’re still not satisfied we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

3) Easily Contactable – We give you four different ways to contact us. In our business letting the phone ring out or not answering an email within 15 minutes is simply not acceptable and we do everything in our power to make sure that absolutely never happens. We also answer calls, emails and live chats from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week!

4) Honest And Transparent Communication – We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. If we are going to be late, for whatever reason, we will not make excuses and we will not try to dodge you. We will contact you to let you know, as soon as we realise we will be late.

And we will give you an accurate estimate of our new arrival time, instead of the typical “Oh yea well be there in just ten minutes!” and then not arriving for another hour. We simply don’t operate that way.

5) Owning Up To Mistakes – If we break or damage something in your home (and accidents do happen, albeit rarely) we’ll always make it right. We won’t try to cover it up and pretend it was the dog.  We will do everything in our power to make it right even if that means a full refund or giving you our insurance details. And you can be sure we will stay in constant contact until the issue is resolved.

6) Going Above And Beyond – We always go above and beyond for our customers. That means 6 days a week service, fully trained, background-tested and English speaking cleaners, family and pet-safe cleaning products and quite simply a more thorough cleaning than any other company.

7) Supporting Irish Businesses – We use Stripe to process our online payments because it’s Irish owned and very secure. It was started by the two Limerick-born brothers John and Patrick Collison in 2010. We love it and so will you!

Give us a shot today and we guarantee (literally) that we will clean your home to an even higher standard than you would normally, or your money back.

We are taking Dublin cleaning services by storm. Click for home page or read our brand new blog.


Why Hire Us Today?

  • Unrivaled reputation
  • Over 130 verified 5 star reviews, more than any other cleaning company in Ireland
  • 24/7 personal concierge to quickly solve any issues
  • Cleaning professionals with at least 3 years experience
  • Get the same cleaner every time
  • All cleaners are background checked
  • We can clean, organise, iron and fold clothes and more
  • Every clean insured to €1M

Get Your 200% Happiness Guarantee!

If you are unhappy with ANY part of your regular cleaning for absolutely any reason we will re-clean those areas, 100% free of charge and if you are still not satisfied then we will give you a no questions asked, 100% refund.

NO OTHER house cleaners in Dublin offers a guarantee this strong!


Check Out Some Of Our Work

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Sparkling Bathrooms


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Spotless Kitchens


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Gleaming Toilets


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Brilliant Baths


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Actual Customer Reviews, Typos & All ;- )

“Very happy with the service. Got a once off clean and added a oven clean as extra. The oven was in a bad way but the lady got it looking good as new again.”

Roisin O’Reilly

“They were so thorough it blows my mind!! Never seen my place so clean, stuff was shiny that I didn’t even know was supposed to be shiny, highly recommend!!”

Kit Green Sanderson

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