Window Cleaning

clean windows serviceInterior Window Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Windows may not be the easiest part of your home to clean, but they certainly are important. With clean windows you get a better view outside and inside your house, and your home looks more inviting to guests. If you don’t want dirty windows, then it’s always best to call in the professionals to handle it for you.

Who We Are

We are Dublin’s premier house cleaning specialists. We offer a wide range of home cleaning services, including interior window washing. We clean windows no matter how dirty they are or how many of them you have. And we keep plenty of staff on hand to handle big jobs.

We offer interior window cleaning services for domestic and business locations. With our extensive experience in the industry we are perfectly positioned to offer you a superior cleaning experience.

We take pride in offering the finest window washing services available, and our process guarantees your satisfaction every time.

Our Process

When Dublin’s number one home cleaning company wash windows for our clients, we start by removing from the area any items that are close to the windows or on the sills. It is best if you can have the area near the windows clear before we arrive, but we understand if that is not always possible. We will take every precaution to remove items carefully and gently and to return them to their proper place once we are finished.

Then we clean the windows with a wet wash. Our gentle cloth cleaning tools ensure that your windows are not scratched and that a perfect, streak-less and smudge-less shine is achieved.

For harder to clean residue, we use warm soapy water. We never use harsh chemicals that can peel paint, leave behind unpleasant odours or cause damage to your home or your health. Our gentle, thorough cleaning methods result in spotless windows every time.

Once we are finished, we check the windows again to see if we missed anything. If you like, we will walk with you and you can see for yourself if the windows are up to your standards of cleanliness. We make every effort to ensure our customers are satisfied completely with our work.

If you are tired of looking at dirty windows in your home or office, then please give us a call. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have about our interior window cleaning process and services. Our friendly customer service specialists are standing by to answer your calls and help you schedule an appointment for cleaning. We will work with your schedule to find the most convenient time for you.

Our cleaning services will make a visible difference. Book online today and see for yourself.