2023 Carpet Cleaning Cost Guide: What are Average Carpet Cleaning Dublin Prices?

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Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning for 2022

Even if you were to carefully clean and vacuum your carpets every single day. Over time you simply cannot stop the build up of various stains, dirt and other nasties. Ever week that goes by, more and more germs, mould, dander and dust mites will gather and multiply. After a long enough period of time a bad smell can even start to form. Eventually this build up will start to negatively affect your family’s health.

This is why if you have carpets and rugs in your home, you need to call a local carpet cleaning service like Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin. Our technicians have all the experience and know-how required to truly clean your carpets, remove any foul smelling odours and most importantly deep clean them to remove stubborn dirt and grime. After we have finished our work, you carpeting will be fully disinfected, smelling fresh and most importantly looking like brand new again.

The most common questions we get asked is what does carpet cleaning in Dublin typically cost? Well that isn’t the most straight forward or easy to answer question. However we will give you a detailed overview in this article. The rough average for a carpet cleaning service to clean a standard sized home is €99 to €159.

Most homeowners pay around the €139 mark. If you want to know more exact prices then you should call up your local carpet cleaning service and request a free quote. Various companies will charge slightly different prices. This can also be heavily location dependent. The further a carpet cleaner needs to travel, the more they will need to charge to make it worth their while.

It’s important to not just ask for a rough quote, but rather seek out a fixed binding-price. Some companies will give a rough quote and increase it when they arrive at your home. Companies like Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin will NEVER do this. They only charge affordable and fair prices.

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What Affects the Price of Carpet Cleaning

A number of things can cause the cost of your carpet cleaning to increase. For example the specific material is always important.

What material are your carpets made from?

There are three main categories and types of carpeting. The first is Berber. This is the easiest to clean and as such usually carries a much lower price tag. The second most common type is cut and level loop. This is classified as a medium level type of carpeting material and is slightly more difficult and time consuming to clean, resulting in a higher rice most of the time. The most difficult carpets to clean are the more costly and premium grade wool and cotton. It can be a challenge to clean these and that’s why you will be charged more for these types of rugs or carpets.

Are there any stairs to be cleaned?

As you can imagine, cleaning steps is much trickier and takes more time. This is not typically included in a fixed price quote. Most of the time its priced separately. The number of stair cases, and how many steps specifically will affect the price you get charged.

What caused the stains in your rug or carpet?

Some stains can be quite stubborn, especially if they are from red wine, blood, ink or pet accidents. The longer the stain has been there will also effect the difficulty of removing it. These issues will all cause your quote to increase.

Is their furniture in the rooms?

Most Dublin carpet cleaning companies won’t move any furniture in your room, they will simply clean around it. This is due to insurance reasons. Possibly a cleaning tech could get injured trying to move some heavy furniture or the item could be damaged while being moved. Carpet cleaning companies want to avoid these possibilities and as such you will be required to do any moving yourself. However if you live alone, cannot lift a piece of furniture on your own and really need it moved, some exceptions can be made. Of course you will expected to pay for the extra time it adds.

Are you in an office or apartment?

Of course the price will change depending on whether this is a residential or commercial carpet cleaning. But further than that, if you require cleaning in a building without an elevator, the price will either be higher or you wont be able to get any carpet cleaning done at all!

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Carpet Cleaner Costs Per Square Foot

A common way for local carpet cleaning companies to charge, is by the square foot. This is much better for you as a homeowner, than being charged by the hour. The average price per square foot is usually around €0.20. But can range from as low as €0.10 to as high as €0.30 per square foot.

Price For Cleaning Carpets Per Room

Sometimes you don’t need to have your entire home cleaned and as such you may want to control the costs by ordering on a per room basis. Many carpet cleaners are more than happy to do this. The average price per cleaning one bedroom is €40. However there are a few things to note. Firstly a large room like a sitting room might be closer to €60 or even €80. Secondly, many companies will have minimum charges of around €50. So you will need to order a cleaning of more than one room usually.

What are the carpet cleansing prices based on each different method

here are a number of different methods used to clean carpets. We will detail them below and indicate what the price differences are of each.

Steam cleaning carpets

The most common and most highly sought after carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. This will get deep into the individual fibres of your carpets and rugs, removing tough and stubborn stains. Bit it also kills dust mites, including any eggs, and removes pollen, dander and mould. Typically it will kill over 99% of all germs and bacteria. It is useful for even the most stubborn of stains too. An added benefit is the fact that, as it uses steam and a powerful suction device, the drying time is much faster. Allowing you to walk on it again sooner.

Shampooing carpets

This is less common method and that’s largely because it uses a large volume of water and can make your rugs and carpets very wet indeed. This can result in long drying times or even damage to your carpets backing, if an inexperienced cleaner is using the machine. If a carpet is very heavily soiled this might be a viable option.

Carpet dry cleaning

Despite the name, this method still uses some water. After the special dry cleaning solvent and water have been added to your carpet, it is then vacuumed up. This is very common for use in places like hotels as it requires minimum drying time and can be carried out quickly. It’s not usually recommended for houses though as it can leave behind a strong chemical smell and is typically not family or pet safe.

Commercial carpet cleaning costs

Many companies eager to get the regular, dependable contract work of commercial clients, will give large discounts on their service. This is also due to the surface areas being much larger than that of a typical home. You can likely get a company to clean your office carpeting for 10c a square foot.

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Affordable, Experienced and Local Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Service

Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin offer a premium grade carpet cleaning service to all residential and commercial clients across Dublin city and county. We also offer professional rug cleaning in Dublin. We are more than happy to offer you a 100% free, no obligation fixed quote. We never use hidden charges or hard selling. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. We always carry ourselves with integrity and treat your home or office as if it is our very own.

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