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Please read the complete list of policies listed below so you have a true understanding of the services we provide and as always if you have any questions just reach out to us.

Changes To Your Quote
Our cleanings are charged at a fixed price for your convenience. However this price is based on the number of hours we expect your cleaning to take.

There are rare occasions where we will need extra hours to clean your home. For example if your home is larger than average, more unclean than average or if the incorrect booking options were selected. These extra hours are charged at a rate of €33 per cleaner per hour.

If we do need to increase the price you will be contacted near the start of your cleaning and asked to accept the extra charge first.

If you do not wish to have any additional hours added to your cleaning this is completely fine of course. In that case we will ask you to prioritise areas of your home and we will clean for the paid for number of hours focusing on these priority areas.

But if your home requires extra hours and you decline to have the additional hours added to your cleaning, then you must accept we’ll be unable to clean the entirety of your home. There will be areas that are left uncleaned.

We must have a cancellation/rescheduling fee because as we reserve a time slot specifically for you, we are unable to schedule another job in that place at such short notice. Also our cleaners must still be paid even if you cancel your cleaning. We appreciate your understanding on this.

For Recurring Cleanings
If you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of our scheduled arrival time you will be charged a €50 cancellation fee.

If you cancel/reschedule a cleaning within 2 hours of our scheduled arrival time you will be billed for the full value of your cleaning.

For Once Off Cleanings
If you cancel/reschedule within 72 hours of our scheduled arrival time you will be charged a €50 cancellation fee.

If you cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of our scheduled arrival time you will be charged a €100 cancellation fee.

If you cancel/reschedule a cleaning within 2 hours of our scheduled arrival time you will be billed for the full value of your cleaning.

Parking Fees
If no free parking is available we will add the cost of any parking fees to the final price of your cleaning.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
After your cleaning if there is any area that you are not happy with, we will fix it on the spot for free. You will then be required to sign a document stating that you are 100% happy with your cleaning. Once you sign this document and our team leaves your home, we cannot come back to re-clean any areas, under any circumstances. So it is imperative that you take your time during your final inspection.

Important Note On Recurring Cleaning Discounts And Discount Codes
By subscribing to a recurring service cleaning you are agreeing to accept any initial discounts (whether from a discount code or from a recurring discount) on the grounds that you will have at least 1 recurring service in the future. If your subscription is cancelled before your second cleaning, you will waive your right to any associated discounts (or discounts from codes) and we will bill your account for the amount that your first cleaning had been discounted for.

Mistreatment of Cleaners
We have a zero tolerance policy on mistreatment of our cleaners.

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to following the cleaners around and watching over their shoulder every second of the cleaning, being disrespectful or talking down to a cleaner as if they are some sort of slave, being overly demanding, any and all insults and admonishments, raising your voice, making any threatening gestures or actions or touching a cleaner in any way.

If anything like this happens, we’ll remove our cleaners form your home immediately and we will NOT return.

Your card will be billed for any hours of cleaning that have been completed (at €40 per cleaner per hour) and you’ll be issued a receipt.

Hot Water
Please have hot water available for our cleaners. This is important for efficient service. If you do not have hot water then your cleaning may take longer and thus cost more. Without hot water our cleaners may also not be able to clean to their typical high standards. Home Concierge will not be held responsible for areas that were not cleaned properly if hot water was not made available.

We cannot clean without water or electricity. If we arrive and there is no water or electricity available we will consider that a cancellation within the 2 hours mark and you will be charged accordingly.

Services We Don’t Offer
1) Dish washing (We will do a few if they’re there when we clean and you have the proper supplies for us.) We will put dishes into a dishwasher.
2) Laundry, folding laundry or ironing.
3) Shopping or errands.
4) Pick up, moving or remove clutter. (Defined as 5 or more items in any given area ie: books, boxes, mail, papers, clothes, rubbish.)
5) Exterior windows and high reaching windows.
6) Heavy lifting over 25lbs (Insurance requirements).
7) Cleaning of bodily fluids, mould and mildew, toys, pet waste (including pet hair) or other bio-hazards.
8) We also cannot step higher than the height of one chair. (Again for insurance reasons.)

For us to be able to clean at a consistent pace and to keep your cleaning affordable we ask that if there is more than 5 items in a specific place that needs to be dusted/cleaned then please have the items picked up so we can keep a consistent pace and continue to offer these rates for your services. If there is an area with 5 or more items then we will simply dust/clean around them as best as possible and they will not be moved. Please note: We do not offer organising services at this time.

Extreme Clutter
We have found when we figure the time it would take to for us to clean major cluttered areas that it will not fit in most peoples budget to pay us, and we cannot handle these kind of tasks is an efficient matter, so have chosen not to offer them as a service that we can perform.

Charging is completed AFTER your home cleaning and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs.

We know you are opening your door to us and are wondering what to expect. We guarantee our work, and ask if you have any issues with the services that you understand we are human and can miss small things from time to time. Please let us know and we will gladly return to re-clean the missed area as soon as we can, without too much inconvenience to you.

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