Fridge Cleaning

spotless fridgeWhy Your Fridge Needs to Be Cleaned

If you have opened your fridge to smell or see something unpleasant, there is a good chance that it needs to be cleaned. Of course, cleaning the fridge is one of the most difficult household tasks to do, mainly because of the sheer variety of foods and liquids that are spilled within and the way the cold males them stick to surfaces.

The Importance Of Getting It Cleaned

A much as most people dread cleaning their fridge, it really does need to be done, and on a regular basis as well. If food is allowed to rot, congeal and otherwise fester inside your fridge, it can release toxic fumes and contaminate other food in the fridge. It can also grow bacteria, causing allergic reactions and illness.

Even if you cannot smell the grime collected inside your fridge, you can still be affected by it. It can attract pests or cause medical problems if it is not taken care of.

The ideal thing to do would be to clean any messes in the fridge before they start to harden or smell bad. But we are not always aware of when these problems occur. Containers may leak without us knowing and other people who are less careful may be using the fridge and spilling things inside without telling anyone.

If you don’t clean your fridge regularly (at least once a month) the problems will only become worse. The stuck food and liquid will harden over time and be much more difficult to clean. If you are hiring someone to do the cleaning for you, then it will take them longer and cost you more to have it cleaned.

How to Clean Your Fridge

When it comes to fridge cleaning, you have two choices. You can either clean it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. As mentioned before, if you want to save some money, have the fridge cleaned regularly rather than once or twice a year. You will be cutting back on the time it takes to properly clean it, and you will reduce the risk of disease or foul odours from your fridge.

If food and liquid is encrusted inside your fridge, then you will probably have to use a mild detergent or liquid solution to get it off. Let that accumulation soak in the water for minute or two before you try to get it off. If you have to really fight with it and scrape at it, you could end up damaging your fridge as you try to clean. Instead, let the water do most of the work for you.

Make sure that if you use any cleaning chemicals that they have little to no smell. It can be difficult to air out your fridge and still protect everything inside. Ideally, you would clear out everything from your fridge before cleaning, but not everyone has that option. Just be sure not to trap any chemical odours inside your fridge during the complete domestic cleaning process. Learn more.