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Hire an English speaking, vetted and insured cleaning lady in Dublin, with a 100% money back guarantee and amazing support.

"I was delighted with the service provided. From the beginning they were very friendly, very efficient, easy to deal with, and the work done was excellent."

susan sheridan
Susan Sheridan
5 star reviews

Looking for the Best Recurring Cleaning Services in Dublin?


Insured & Guaranteed

Our service is fully insured so your home and possessions are safe. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Vetted & Reliable Employees

We only hire vetted and trained cleaners that speak perfect English and have cars for 100% punctuality and reliability.

Best Customer Service

Five easy ways to quickly contact us. We answer calls and emails from 8:00AM-8:00PM, 7 days a week.

Fluent English Speaking

It’s important to be able to communicate properly with your cleaner. Our employees are all fluent English speakers.

Get the Same Cleaner Every Time

Other companies treat their staff terribly and have massive turnover meaning they send a new cleaner every month!

We treat our staff like royalty and they stay with us for years.

That means you get the same cleaner every week.

insured bonded

We carry a 2.6 million euro comprehensive insurance policy so you’re 100% protected.

You’ll Get Results Just Like This

shower tray before shower tray after

Sparkling Bathrooms


fridge before fridge after

Spotless Kitchens


toilet before toilet after

Gleaming Toilets


bath before bath after

Brilliant Baths


shower door before shower door after

Immaculate Showers


oven before oven after

Pristine Ovens


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Read Our Insane Guarantee: Get 100% of Your Money Back AND €50 Cash on Top!

If you aren’t raving to your friends about how your house is spotless and smells incredible then we’ll re-clean FOR FREE.

If you’re still unsatisfied you’ll get 100% of your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

PLUS I’ll personally GIVE YOU BACK €50 MORE of my own money, straight into your bank account!

Do you think I’d still be in business with a CRAZY guarantee like this, if we weren’t the best house cleaners in Dublin?

Oisin McHale, Owner of Home Concierge

Your Guarantee is Too Good to be True. Is it a Scam?

Our guarantee IS crazy yes. But I have a little secret: We have the best cleaners in Dublin (due to our insane wages) and they do a perfect job every time. So I can make crazy guarantees knowing we’ll never have a dissatisfied client and thus I’ve never had to give anyone €50 from my pocket!


Actual Customer Reviews, Typos & All ;- )

“Very happy with the service. Got a once off clean and added a oven clean as extra. The oven was in a bad way but the lady got it looking good as new again.”

Roisin O’Reilly
5 star reviews

“They were so thorough it blows my mind!! Never seen my place so clean, stuff was shiny that I didn’t even know was supposed to be shiny, highly recommend!!”

Kit Green Sanderson
5 star reviews

“We are very happy with the bi-weekly cleaning of our apartment. Much recommended!”

nael mnsari
Nael M’nsari
5 star reviews

“I’m so happy with the cleaning, apartment was spotless, staff is very friendly and flexible. I would recommend 100%!”

snezana malobabic
Snezana Malobabic
5 star reviews

“I can’t recommend Home Concierge enough! Patricia was great to speak with when making the booking and the cleaners were on time, totally professional, and left the house in immaculate pristine condition. 100% satisfaction.”

tracey leech
Tracey Leech
5 star reviews

“Home Concierge were a pleasure to deal with and our house was left absolutely spotless. The cleaners and Oisin went above and beyond what we expected.”

fiona mcgoran
Fiona McGoran
5 star reviews


Concerned Having a Stranger in Your Home?

It can be unnerving having a new person in your home.

But you can relax knowing you and your home are 100% safe with Home Concierge.

How can we be so sure?

1) Our cleaners are highly trusted employees so we know exactly who’s in your home. Plus our staff are reference checked and skills tested.

2) Our cleaners are paid more than any other company in Dublin (up to €20/hour!). So there’s ZERO incentive to steal. Any cleaner caught stealing would lose their job INSTANTLY and give up the highest wages they’re ever likely to earn.

That’s why after almost 15,000 cleanings and 8 years in business we’ve NEVER had any issues.

Dublin’s Premium Cleaning Service

Note we are a premium service.

Please take no offense if you receive a quote that’s out of your budget.

We’d love to have low prices and cater to everyone, but it’s simply not possible.

Offering the very best service and cleaning quality in Dublin costs us a lot as a company.

There are plenty of other cleaning services in Dublin that offer cheap cleaning, but we are certainly not one of them.


World Class Customer Service

Whether it’s via email, text or over the phone, our team will always solve your problems.

customer service
customer service
customer service


Why We Pay up to €20/Hour!

Nope that’s not a typo!

When we started Home Concierge, my dad and I used to be the only two cleaners in the company.

It’s tough work and often poorly paid.

Because house cleaning is one of the few jobs you can get without a degree, other companies use this leverage to pay horrible wages and overwork their staff.

Other companies charge lots, pay terrible and push their cleaners very hard to scalp big profits.

We think this behaviour is deplorable.

Hire Home Concierge and help support a fair wage for a hard-working local cleaner.

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  • 100% Satisfaction or FREE Reclean

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“Your Prices Are Quite High”

Some people think our prices are high. The truth is our profit on each cleaning is usually only a few euro! No lie.

Where does your money go?

  1. The bulk is wages. We pay up to €20/hour. When you add holiday pay, sick leave and PRSI this can be closer to €24/hour.
  2. Office staff (We are available 7 day a week)
  3. Insurance
  4. Marketing costs (Which go up all the time)
  5. Many other expenses of doing business online
top quality deep cleaners dublin

If we are lucky we make a small profit of about 10% BEFORE taxes.

But we’re okay with that. We believe in paying very well, offering top notch service at incredible prices and making a modest profit. Everybody wins.

To put things into perspective we’ve one competitor who also offers this level of premium service and they charge €45 per cleaner per hour!

Our service is bargain of the century for what we offer!