Is there anything you don’t clean?

To protect the safety of our cleaners or to prevent damage to your home, we cannot perform the following:

1) Dish washing
2) Laundry or folding laundry
3) Shopping or errands
4) Pick up, moving or remove clutter
5) We cannot step higher than the height of one chair
6) Lifting items over 25lbs
7) Cleaning exterior windows and high reaching windows
8) Cleaning pet messes (including pet hair) and heavily soiled areas
9) Cleaning of mould, mildew, bodily fluids and bio-hazardous material (We may clean small amounts of mould and mildew from bathrooms if it can be removed easily)
10) Carpet cleaning
11) Deep stain removal
12) Landscaping and yard work
13) Garages, patios and balconies (apart from basic sweeping)
14) Extermination (insects etc)

Clutter Policy
We also can’t pick-up, move or remove clutter (we consider clutter to be 5 or more items in any given area, such as books, boxes, mail, papers, clothes, and rubbish etc.). If there is an area with 5 or more items then we will simply dust/clean around them as best as possible and they will not be moved.